Pember Furry

he Pember Furry House

The Pember Furry House is thought to be the oldest home in the village, formerly owned by the namesakes of the town, the Pembers. Believed to be one of the first frame houses built in Pemberville. 

Built by James Pember (founder of Pemberville) before 1854, as the house was on the property when the original survey was entered that year. It could have been as early as 1836. James Pember sold this property in 1858 to a relative by marriage, William Isbell. The longest ownership was Jacob H. Furry and then his daughter, Minnie. The last owners of the Pember-Furry House were Erle and Zella Alexander, who in 1975 donated it to the Historical Society. 

The walls in the Pember-Furry House are decorated in methods popular years ago. Ragging- done with a cloth, could be done over plaster or white washed walls.Stenciling- Artists would travel around the country and stencil for people, staying in their homes until the job was done. Wallpaper The floors, woodwork and window glass are original to the house. It is a small 1800's home that has been beautifully restored and is open several times per year or by appointment.


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